AGILE 4.0: A Journey from MBSE to MDO

AGILE4.0 Framework (A4F)

The AGILE 4.0 Framework (A4F) defines, in a MBSE approach, the logics of the Development System, which is developed in the AGILE4.0 project to accelerate the development of complex aeronautical systems (aircraft). The A4F architecture is solution independent (logical architecture).


The AGILE 4.0 Framework addresses different systems:


AGILE4.0 Operational Collaborative Environment (OCE)

The Operational Collaborative Environment (OCE) represents the implementation of the Development System developed by AGILE4.0 project, and therefore used for the resolution of AGILE4.0 application cases. The OCE translates the A4F logical architecture into a specific physical solution (physical architecture), which is composed of heterogeneous specific modules.