Supply Chain

Application Case: Supply Chain

Ambition: Accounting Simultaneously for Manufacturing and Supply-chain Variables in the Early Stages of Aircraft Design to reach the Global Optimum and Perform Trade-off Studies Never Addressed Before.




Supply Chain & Manufacturing
Manufacturing & Design
Design, MBSE & MDO Technologies


Below you can download the models produced during the development process of this Application Case. You can also click on some of the icons to learn more about the tool.

Stakeholders, needs and
Operational Scenario
HTP, Supply Chain & Manufacturing Architecture
MDO Formulation:Optimization
DC2 Baseline + Production Branches
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MDO Workflow


Take away

  • Including manufacturing and supply chain decisions in the early aircraft design stage allows decision-maker to identify a performant and competitive solution.
  • Reach the global optimum in terms of aircraft performance and production management is quite challenging due to the huge amount of data characterizing each individual domain.
  • The strict requirements of optimization algorithms limit the available options for problem formulation, as they may have a large number of variables (discrete and categorical) and many computationally expensive objectives and constraints to evaluate.
  • The concurrent coupling of multi-domains is automatized by leveraging the AGILE4.0 MBSE and MDO technologies. However, further improvements are still needed due to complexity of relationship existing among these domains.
  • The value model simplifies the multi-objective Pareto-front visualization under specific assumptions and the multi-criteria decision-making process when multiple domains are involved.
  • An interactive dashboard is a powerful mean to exactly match and quantify decision-maker´s preferences while leveraging value-model theory.