Family Concept

Application Case: Family Concept

Ambition: Design a family of three business jets, trading-off aircraft performance and investment costs by varying the amount of shared components.




Overall aircraft design, component sharing logic, mission simulation
On-board system sizing
Tailplane sizing, flap performance estimation
Composite wing sizing
Cost estimation
Surrogate modeling and optimization


Below you can download the models produced during the development process of this Application Case

Stakeholders, needs and

Operational Scenario
Aircraft architectures
MDO formulation – Aircraft level
MDO formulation – Family level
You can also found all the document here.

MDO Workflow

XDSM Schema – Aircraft level
XDSM Schema – Family level


All the results can be download here.

Take away

  • The AGILE4.0 Framework can be used to succesfully explore the design space and find the Pareto front between family-level Direct Operating Costs (DOC) and OEM Non-Recurring Costs (NRC)
  • An increase in the number of components shared generally leads to lower family-level NRC, however at the cost of less efficient aircraft components and therefore higher average DOC.